Onyx Renewable Partners L.P. Completes Construction for Newman-Crows Landing Unified School District - Von-Renner Elementary School

October 3, 2017

Onyx Renewable Partners L.P., “Onyx”, announces the completion of a solar photovoltaic carport structure that will provide electricity to Von-Renner Elementary School, one of the schools in the Newman-Crows Landing Unified School District (“School District”). The School District signed a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement.

In addition to Von-Renner Elementary School, Onyx is installing solar photovoltaic carport structures for three other schools in the School District. These are Hurd Barrington Elementary, Orestimba High, and YOLO Middle, which in the aggregate will provide over 1 MWDC of electricity along with vehicle charging stations, capable of charging up to 24 cars simultaneously.

Construction began in February of 2017 and was completed in a little under six months in August of 2017, using sub-contractors based in California. The system was approved to operate by PG&E and is now energized. The School District will benefit from the reduced cost of the electricity as California has been switching to peak-demand electricity pricing as of 2017 and the project produces power during the peak-demand periods.

“Onyx has been a great partner for this project, they completed the system very efficiently and in a short time. We can now start saving on our electricity bills and start investing the savings into the improvement of the School District. We look forward to working with Onyx in the future”, says Randy Fillpot, Superintendent.

Onyx is dedicated to making sure the district will reach their future energy and cost saving goals. “We are working very hard with the School District to help them achieve a more eco-friendly environment and help them save money on energy costs for future development of the School District”, says Matt Rosenblum, CEO of Onyx.