We have built a company with a wealth of experience and knowledge by bringing together successful energy developers from all over the world with accomplished financial and legal experts. We believe that Onyx is the hardest working team in the industry with one clear goal: to bring safe, sustainable energy to our clients.

We have built solar systems across the country for a wide variety of clients. Highlighted states indicate areas in which we have developed, or are currently developing, renewable energy projects.

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ONYX and Irvine Unified School District

Fostering Relationships for Sustainable Benefits

In line with our goals to protect the environment and to foster relationships that lead to sustainable benefits and cost-effective services, Onyx has partnered with a local sheep farmer to graze the solar facilities it manages in the Mohawk Valley region of Upstate New York. Grazing offers an eco-friendly and agro-economic beneficial alternative to traditional vegetation control at solar facilities.

Not only does grazing effectively replace traditional gas-powered mowers and weed trimmers, but it also may promote soil health, limit invasive species, and provide an opportunity for increased and diversified income to farmers in the agricultural communities that host solar facilities. Onyx is proud to be on the forefront of sustainable operations of solar generation

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Featured Project

Military Housing Portfolio

Multiple Locations

Onyx, through its joint venture with Corvias, constructed 30MW+ spanning four military bases and is currently developing an additional 50MW+ on military installations in its 2021 pipeline.

Featured Project

Stuytown/Peter Cooper Village

New York City

Onyx partnered with the Blackstone Group to install 3.6 MW of solar on 62 buildings at the Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village apartment complexes, home to 27,000 New Yorkers.

Featured Project

Pima County


In 2016, Onyx acquired a portfolio of projects in early-stage development. The Arizona portfolio was later expanded to include over 15 projects for Pima County, including 7 municipal buildings.

Featured Project

California Biotech Company

Northern California

Onyx completed the installment of a 1.1MW solar and storage solution. This project supplied a PV+Storage integrated solution to reduce power costs and manage peak demand of the facility.

Featured Project

East Water District Project

Stockton, California

The 2,207 kWDC Stockton East Water District project consists of over 6,688 panels spanning both the Low Lift and High Service sides. The system utilizes tracking technology to generate 4,286 MWh per year which is expected to offset the district’s electricity usage by nearly 44% per year.

Featured Project

Irvine Unified School District

Irvine, California

Since 2016, Onyx has developed, designed, constructed, and energized 6.2 MWDC of solar sites, supporting the District’s overall sustainability goal of becoming a “Net Zero Energy District” in California.