Case Study: Pima County, Arizona

In 2016, Onyx acquired a portfolio of projects in early-stage development. The Arizona portfolio was later expanded to include over 15 projects for Pima County, including 7 municipal buildings.

Project Background

  • Onyx developed a partnership with Pima County under a Solar Services Agreement (SSA) structure, allowing third party ownership in Arizona
  • 6.2 MW across 15 projects in Pima County
  • Sites include but are not limited to the Juvenile Jail Facility, Medical Examiner’s Office, Animal Care Facility, Community Parks, and Pima County Stadium

Technical Summary

  • COD Portfolio Size: 6.2 MW
  • System Type: Carport and Rooftop
  • Equipment: Flextronics, JA Solar and GCL modules; Chint Inverters
  • Interconnection: Behind the meter and interconnected to TEP
  • Contract Structure: Solar Services Agreement
  • Asset Management: Onyx Asset Services Group