Case Study: Stuytown/Peter Cooper Village

Onyx partnered with the Blackstone Group to install 3.6 MW of solar on 62 buildings at the Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village apartment complexes, home to 27,000 New Yorkers.

Project Background

  • Onyx performed turnkey Engineering, Procurement, and Construction work and The Blackstone Group owns the project
  • The project is the largest private multifamily solar installation in the United States, and has tripled Manhattan’s solar generation capacity
  • Unique logistical challenges for the project included 56 building permits, 124 electrical permits, 62 interconnection applications and incentive applications, 2 DOT permits, 34 Electrical Advisory Board approvals and more than 400 inspections from different authorities, as well as 62 individual crane sessions and 7 weeks of private road closure for safe crane operations

Technical Summary

  • COD Portfolio Size: 3.6 MW
  • System Type: Rooftop
  • Equipment: LG modules; Solar Edge Inverters
  • Interconnection: Net metered and interconnected to ConEdison (62 points of interconnection)
  • Contract Structure: EPC Project